About us

The Scottish EU Funding Portal is a partnership project between Scotland Europa, Scottish Government, East of Scotland European Consortium, and West of Scotland European Forum. It has been developed in response to demand from Scottish stakeholders to establish a single source of information on EU funding programmes for which Scotland is eligible.

The Scottish EU Funding Portal is an online community of practice for stakeholders interested in EU funding with the aim of improving and broadening knowledge of EU Programme to ultimately lead to a greater variety and uptake of EU funds by Scottish organisations.


Information on EU Programmes

The EU Funding Portal is intended as an information-sharing resource to help guide you to those organisations and contacts that can provide you with more information necessary to develop an EU project. We have detailed basic information on EU programmes which in some instances have a multitude of what we have called ‘Focus Areas’ (known in some EU programmes as ‘strands’; ‘themes’; ‘sub-programmes’; ‘challenges’; or ‘pillars’).  We have tried to create a simplified common structure to the variety of EU programmes which exist.  You will find information about the ‘National Contact Points’ and details of past and future calls.    You will also be able to search EU Programmes by a variety of fields to find the right EU Programme for your project idea.


Listings of EU funded Projects

The EU Funding Portal aims to provide a platform for organisations to promote their experience and interests in EU funding to make connections easily to other projects and find future project partners. Registered users are able to search a database of Scottish projects funded with EU funding to see if there have been previous EU projects of relevance.  In addition, every project profile which is 100% completed automatically becomes a case-study featured on the homepage.  In order to become a case-study, projects will need to add a project logo, picture, picture caption, and quote from the project manager.


Partner Searching

Registered users are able to post project ideas on the EU Funding Portal. Notifications will be sent to those users who have indicated an interest in that area.  The more specific you are in terms of what you are looking for (e.g. combining sector you want to work with and thematic area of your idea) the narrower the pool of registered users you will be alerting.  This should mean that by listing your partner search through this website you will reach a targeted audience and hopefully as a result you will have a higher chance of finding the right partner to work with.


Project Collaboration

The EU Funding Portal will provide users with a private project collaboration space where you can invite in organisations registered on the portal to collaborate on project development.  It will feature a number of project management tools and central online space to store and collaborate on documents.


Blogs, News, Events, Publications  

All registered users will be able to share news stories from their projects or programmes they are involved with.  There is a blog feature from where you can share news, publications, details of events which you think will be of interest to a wider audience.



Consultants are increasingly used to help pull together EU projects, especially in the innovation area.  We have therefore created a space where consultants can register their expertise to establish a central contact list of consultants able to offer EU project development support.