EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement Confirms UK Participation in Future EU Flagship Programmes

On Thursday 24 December the European Commission and the United Kingdom agreed the terms of its future cooperation with the European Union.

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement will enable the UK's continued participation in the following flagship EU programmes for the Programming Period 2021-2027, subject to a financial contribution by the UK to the EU budget:

  • Horizon Europe - The EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme;
  • Euratom – Research and Training Programme of the European Atomic Energy Community;
  • ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) Project;
  • Copernicus (The EU Earth Observation Programme);
  • EU Space Surveillance and Tracking programme (access to services); and
  • Peace Plus Programme (this brings together the previous PEACE and INTERREG Cross-Border Programmes between Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland).


The EU-UK Declarations states that it is the ambition that United Kingdom entities would be able to participate in each programme from the beginning of the period. Additional detail will be included in a protocol to the main Agreement, once the EU Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-27 is finalised and the regulations establishing the European programmes settled. These are expected to be launched early in 2021.

The full Trade and Cooperation Agreement & summary and guidance on getting EU funding are available at GOV.UK.

More detail is available from UKRI on Horizon Europe and the Euratom Research and Training Programme. Regular updates will also be posted on the Scottish Funding Portal when they become available.

Scotland Europa are planning dedicated information sessions, starting with Horizon Europe and PeacePlus. Watch this space.

Scott Govan