We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.  We hope this will help with your queries, but if you do not find a question which is relevant to you, please contact us.  During this testing phase of the portal we expect users may come across some queries and we would be grateful if you would help us by reporting errors and giving us feedback.

Who is the Scottish EU Funding Portal aimed at?

This is a resource for Scottish organisations who are interested in European funding and who are looking for basic programme information, contact details, information about previously funded Scottish EU funded projects and for those organisations wishing to share their funding and project experience by publicising their stories, e.g.  project successes, and also events which may be of interest to other stakeholders.

In the future, the Portal will be developed further to include collaboration tools for organisations that wish to share and develop their projects ideas and to find project partners.

It is also intended to become a resource for international organisations wishing to work with Scottish organisations.

Do I have to pay to register to get full access to the Portal?

You do not have to pay to register.  This is  free of charge.

Why register? What extra information do I get access to, by registering?

As a visitor you are more limited in what you can access.    You will have the facility to:

  • search a database of EU programmes for basic programme information, National Contact Points and details of Calls;
  • search a database of Scottish approved EU funded projects, both historic and live;
  • search a list of EU experts / consultants

As a registered user, and as the Portal is developed,  you will, in addition, be able to share and receive the latest funding information, interact with other Users and collaborate on project development, as follows:

  • receive news feeds including invitations to events and latest Calls for Proposals
  • post your project ideas on the EU Funding Portal to reach a targeted audience (partner search);
  • post your completed project profile as a case-study;
  • use your own private project collaboration space where you can invite in organisations registered on the Portal to collaborate on project development;
  • share news stories, publications, details of events which you think will be of interest to a wider audience via a Blog.
  • edit your profile

Once fully developed, the registration process will allow you to choose your areas of interest, thereby refining the information that the Portal will send your way.

How is my registration activated?

Registering an organisation for the first time

When you are completing the on-line registration form for your organisation for the first time, you will automatically become the Key Contact for that organisation.  You should register your organisation using the Headquarter address.

Note that the Key contact name may be changed at a later date, if more people from your organisation register.

Once the registration form has been completed and submitted, you will receive an email confirmation of registration.  You will then be able to log in to the Portal using your chosen password.

Registering as a User for an organisation already registered on the Portal

If your organisation is already registered on the Portal, then you simply join your organisation account.  You will not be registered as the Key Contact for your organisation.  However, this can be edited by the Key Contact of your organisation.

Is there technical support if I have difficulty navigating the Portal, or if there is a malfunction?

We are still in the testing phase and so if you are having technical difficulties with the Portal please email us with a description of the problem encountered and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I search for the most appropriate programme for my project idea?

Through the EU Programme section you can search for programmes by:

  • programme name
  • programme theme
  • funding instrument
  • EU Directorate General

Each programme has a general information section and a Focus Area section.  Click View to access programme information. The Focus Area contains information about the themes/strands/sub-programmes/challenges or pillars, depending on the programme, National Contact Point details and information about Calls for proposals.

To access a theme, click on the theme name from the list on the left hand side of the Focus Area.

Under the Details tab, the theme areas will set out programme priorities, eligible activity, eligible geographic area, intervention rate and the National Contact Point contact details.

By clicking on the Call tab you will find Calls for proposals and application deadlines.

In this way, you should be able to narrow down the programme most relevant to your project idea and, using the details provided, apply to the NCP for further information.

Where can I get information on latest Calls and application deadlines?

Information on Calls and application deadlines can be viewed by selecting the relevant programme in EU Programmes and clicking View programme.  In the Focus Area, chose the theme/strand or challenge you are interested in and, to view Calls and application deadlines, click on the Call tab.

What is a NCP?

NCP stands for National Contact Point.  NCPs exist to provide guidance and practical information; to give additional support for project development and implementation at a national level.  They work in close cooperation with programme secretariats and are an important source of information on a national level.

Project applicants can consult a NCP for guidance with:

  • choosing the relevant programme, theme or type of action
  • the search for project partners
  • the development and implementation of transnational projects

Where can I find the relevant National Contact Point information?

You can access National Contact Point information through the EU Programmes, as follows:

  • Select the relevant programme from the EU Programmes listing and click View Programme.
  • Select the relevant programme theme from the Focus Area list on the left hand side and you will find the NCP contact details at the bottom of the page.

How can I search for projects?

The Projects section contains a database of approved historic and current EU funded projects.  These can be searched by:

  • title
  • programme
  • theme

What sort of information can I upload onto the Portal?

All Registered Users will be able to use the Blog feature to share news, publications, details of events, etc, which you think will be of interest to a wider audience.

If I have a suggestion as to how to improve the Portal, who do I contact?

If you have a comment or suggestion, please email us.